An easy guide to dressing for female body shape

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Female body shape is different from male body type. Knowing your body shape for developing a better sense of fashion is a challenging task. Fashion trends change rapidly and it’s not so easy to adapt them according to your body type. Understanding your body type and dressing according to it not only makes you look more elegant but also saves you time and money.

Adopting fashion according to your personal style and body shape makes you feel great and more comfortable. Whenever you go shopping and try something you notice some of the clothes look good on you and some flatter your shape more than others. Sometimes you have some style in your mind when you try that color or style that looks not so good on you because you have a different body shape.

If you are wondering how to dress for your body type, you have landed in the right place. In this article, you will get a comprehensive guide and some tips to know the female body shape. We will explore different body types and styles that will work. So that you look beautiful in every outfit you choose.

An easy guide to dressing for female body shape

Every body shape is different and beautiful, and you don’t need to lose or gain weight to look beautiful or feel good about your personal style.

The female body structure is different from the male body, and it is pre-defined by your skeleton. But you can make some changes by doing exercise. Many people don’t know their body type and that’s why they make mistakes by selecting the wrong outfits which would cause a lot of trouble.

Therefore, it is important to know different body shapes and then select your body type so that you can dress properly and look stunning. These are just some guidelines that help you to understand different body styles and then find your body type.

Five most common types of female body shapes:

Let’s start off by talking about the most common body shapes. There are five most common categories which are the following.
1. Apple (oval or round)
2. Pear (also known as a triangle)
3. Rectangle (also known as straight body type)
4. Hourglass
5. Athletic (also called inverted triangle)

female body shape - factacholic
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These are the most common types of female body shapes which we discuss one by one in this article but before discussing this let’s quickly know how to measure your body type.

How to measure your body type?

Body shape is based on your bones structure and muscles, not on your weight. Understanding your body shape helps you to select a good outfit that you can carry with confidence. You can know your body shape by looking at the mirror but for more accuracy, it’s better if you take measurements.

You will be measuring 4 points along your body. You will measure your shoulders, your bust, your waist, and your hips. You need a fabric measuring tape to do this.

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Shoulders: Stand up straight and relaxed, start at one tip of your shoulder, and wrap to the other end. Taking measurements of your shoulder is a tricky one. If you have any family members or friends around, you ask for help from them.

Bust: You need to measure the fullest part of your bust. Stand straight and start from one point of your bust and wrap the measuring tape from under your shoulder and end where you started but do not compress your chest.

Waist: Wrap the measuring tape around your waist, usually located just above the belly button. Do not squeeze your stomach just stand straight and relaxed.

Hips: Place the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hip. Start from one point and bring it back to the point from where you started. Do this in front of the mirror so that you have a better idea that you are doing it right.
After taking all the measurements, put these in a measuring calculator and then find your shape.

How to dress for each body type?

Once you take the measurements and know which body type you are it’s easy for you to dress according to it. Now let’s discuss one by one different types of body shapes.

Apple body type

You fall in the apple body type also known as oval or round body shape if your upper body weight is greater than your lower body weight. You have broad shoulders, and your hips are slim.

Women with this body type usually have a bigger bust line, broad shoulders, and typically thinner legs with a waistline not clearly defined. That’s why it feels like the weight gathers around your midsection.

If you have an apple or round body type, try to draw focus toward your legs with high heels or short skirts. Also, put on a dress with a V or deep V neckline. Wear printed dark color dresses and dresses with full or ¾ sleeves will be helpful. Strapless and off-the-shoulder dresses also look amazing on apple shaped body.

Avoid clothing that is too tight or clingy around the midsection, as this can draw attention to the area you may be trying to downplay.

Pear body type

Pear body type is also known as a triangle body shape. This type is identified by the wider lower part. Your butt and thighs are usually bigger than your upper body. This type is opposite then the apple body type.

For this body type, try to draw attention toward your upper half. You can do this by choosing bright colors for your top. Try wearing clothing that has embellishments or details on the shoulders or a neckline or opt for a statement necklace to draw the eye upwards.

Wide-legged pants, sweetheart necklines, and a dress with a pattern bright color look great. Wearing a well-fitting, padded, or push-up bra can also help to draw attention to your upper body.

You are lucky if you have this body type or if you achieve this type of body with a workout because, with the right selection of dress, you can also create an illusion of an hourglass type of body. All you must do is create the right balance.

Rectangle body type

In this type, your shoulders and hip measurements are nearly the same. This is also known as the straight body type. With this type, you wear the same size at the top and bottom and have a straight shoulder and hip line. Women with this type of body don’t have curves or defined waistlines.

Anything looks good on this type of body. The assets are your legs and arms so focus on these. As you have a straight body you can play around with which features you want to enhance. For example, if you want to highlight your upper body you can wear some bright colors and add some layers to your top.

And if you want to draw attention toward your lower body make the most of your great legs by wearing tight and bright jeans or tights. To prominent your waistline you can also add some belt to your skirt.

Avoid clothing that is too straight or form-fitting, as this can emphasize your lack of curves.

Hourglass body type

You are likely an hourglass shape if your hips and bust size are roughly even with a defined waistline. This type is the most well-defined type of all the other types of body shapes.

With an hourglass shape, you must choose dresses carefully that fits nicely along with curves. Don’t select shapeless and baggy clothes that hide your curves. Use a belt around your waist or belly button to show off your waistline. A mini-skirt is also a good option for you if you want to show off your legs.

A-line dress or other cuts, fit-and-flare styles looks great on this shape. Anything looks good in this type but avoid pairing it up with a loose top and bottom because it destroys the whole look and also hides body curves. Avoid clothing that is too boxy or shapeless, as this can hide your curves.

Athletic/Inverted triangle type

An inverted triangle shape is also known as an Athletic body type. In this type measurements of shoulders are much greater than hips. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, and others have an inverted triangle type of body.

As your shoulders are wider than your hips you must remember to add focus to your hips. Deep and narrow is the way to create balance. You should avoid dresses that show off your shoulders. Your figure looks great in straight-cut jeans or pencil-cut skirts. The V-necklines work wonders on this type.

Add all layers, and patterns, to the bottom part of your body and keep the upper body minimalistic. In this way, you become able to draw attention toward your lower body and look great. Avoid clothing that is too tight or fitted around the shoulders and chest, as this can emphasize your broad upper body.

Wrapping up

Everyone has a unique body shape and it’s important to dress in a way that flatters your figure and makes you feel confident. Whether you have an apple-shaped, pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, rectangle-shaped, or inverted triangle-shaped body, there are clothing options that can help you accentuate your best features and downplay areas you may be less confident about.

By following these dressing tips tailored to your body shape, you can enhance your natural beauty and feel comfortable and stylish in your clothing choices. Remember, the most important thing is to feel confident in your own skin and embrace your body shape, no matter what it may be.